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About Us

 What is Fripp & Folly?

frippandfolly.jpgFripp & Folly is inspired by two South Carolina favorites, Fripp Island and Folly Beach.  Both are family oriented areas along the coast.  

Fripp Island is located on the coast of South Carolina. Due to its relatively remote location, Fripp was a primarily a private hunting range for most of the islands lifespan. The island is also rumored to have been one of the original hide-outs of Blackbeard the Pirate. Fripp Island over the years has transformed into one of the top family oriented vacation spots in South Carolina.

Folly Beach is located just outside of Charleston, SC and is also called “The Edge of America”. Folly Island is a barrier island known for its fun-family beaches, relaxed atmosphere and also its long 1,000 foot fishing pier.

Fripp Island and Folly Beach are two places that have inspired us to create the Outdoor lifestyle brand that helps capture what we love most about being outdoors. Embrace The Outdoors.

Download our STYLE GUIDE with the logo, fonts, colors and tagline.

 Who Are We?

ff-kayak.jpgFripp & Folly embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration.  It's a casual and comfortable lifestyle that has an appreciation for the outdoors and the simple things in life.  At Fripp and Folly, we like to take time with friends, family, community and nature to get the most out of our American adventure.  Established in 2012, we began servicing a handful of retailers in our home state of South Carolina. We now service over +850 Retail Stores from Texas to Virginia and we're expanding daily!

The Look and Sounds of Fripp

Who wants and wears Fripp & Folly? Look and litsten to our collection of photos and music that inspire our designs and keep us focused on our consumer - the man who is always ready to Embrace The Outdoors!

Spotify Playlist for Fripp & Folly

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fripp-fishing.jpg fripp-camping.jpg fripp-truck.jpg fripp-boats.jpg

Fripp & Folly = Rugged, Adventurous, Curious, Comfortable, Confident

How To Buy Fripp & Folly for your Retail Store

ff-showroom.jpgFripp & Folly is represented by The Southern Link in Atlanta and Next Generation in Dallas. You can always find our showrooms at the Atlanta America's Mart and in the Dallas Market Center. Please give our customer service team a call and they can put you in contact with a sales representative in your area.

Where To Find it.

ff-store.jpgFripp & Folly is found in major retailers Dillard's, Ace hardware, and Hamricks, but it can also be found in many gift shop retailers across the Southeast.

The Impact:

ff-media.jpgFripp & Folly is growing in popularity daily! Check out the following numbers and comments as an overview of our impact:

Established: 2012
Sold in: 850+ retail stores
Facebook: 2,638 Likes
Instagram: 7,987 Followers
Twitter: 264 Followers
Website: 2,317 monthly users

Customer Feedback:
Great look, great, color, great feel. Arrived on time and in perfect condition. A great shirt for any outing. 

This is my 3rd Fripp & Folly shirt. They are great quality and have awesome designs. I want to get a shirt in every design!

I got this for brother for Christmas, and he loved it. He said the color is his favorite and that it's so soft that he doesn't want to take it off. And he hasn't (boys, right?). Thanks for the great customer service, as well!